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Our final quarterly Award Assembly took place on 29 November. The Matrics handled the entire program with Anja Joosten and S'kanyi Ngubane as the Program Directors. Evan Stegen and Onkarabile Moeti did the Bible reading in English and Tswane. A number of musical items were rendered by the learners. The High School choir presented choral items.

Term 4 Award Aseembly focuses primarily on the academic achievements of the year. Subject Merit awards and academic half colours were handed out during this assembly. Bronze or Half Colour achievements in Olympiads, Speech & Drama, Visual Arts and Brass Band were also awarded.

Congratulations to all the achievers. Learners who achieved Silver & Gold Awards, Full Colours and Honours received their awards at the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony.



Christmas Concert 2012 was a first for DSS. The entire school completed their examinations on Thursday 22 November and the Christmas Concert took place the very next day. So there were many reasons for the learners to be merry!

Learners from Grade 4 to 11 were required to present something Christmassy to the school. They had limited time in which to prepare and many items were simply impromptu. The individual class concerts ranged from skits and quizzes to the singing of many traditional Christmas carols. The staff also presented a delightful Christmas song which they practiced inbetween marking, moderating and reporting!

The cherry on the top was an ice-cream for each learner. What a way to end examinations!


"Not bad, not bad, green noses for everyone!" became the motto of teachers and learners, in fact almost the entire school was eventually thinking about noses, painting noses, fitting noses and putting on noses! Yes, it was all about noses this year in our Junior School Stage Production which took place on 27 October.

Based on Max Lucado's wonderful tale, "I wish I had a green nose" our production certainly brought home the message that God created you for a reason and He'll always help you to be you.

Wemmicksville is a town of wooden toys which have been carved by Eli, the Great Toymaker who lives on a hill high above the town. Willy Withit arrives in town with great pomp and ceremony and convinces the toys that they would improve their looks if they followed his latest 'withit' – green noses. So the entire town goes green which makes Punchinello and his two friends Woody and Splint look different-weird. Pressurised by the crowd, Punchinello, Woody and Splint get their noses painted green and they feel great to be 'withit', initially.

But fashions change. Green noses went out of fashion and red noses were in. All the townsfolk had their noses painted red to be in with the latest 'withit'. But that also did not last very long. Soon the red noses were out and the next colour came in. Punchinello and his friends soon discovered that to be 'in' and not 'out' was hard work. They were so busy keeping up with the latest 'withit' that they lost all contact with their Friend and Maker, Eli.

But one day Punchinello said, "That's it, I should have listened to Eli!" He and his friends found their way back to their Maker who said, "I'll always help you to be who I made you to be."


Jan PienaarFighterJan Pienaar Fighter

The Santam child art competition is currently in its 49th year, Santam's Child Art programme continues to add colour to the lives of thousands of children by providing a platform for young artists.

They partner with schools and art centres throughout South Africa to invite entries for the Child Art competition. An independent panel, judges the entries and selects 13 artworks to appear in our Child Art calendar for the following year. The calendar is made available to the public at R25 each and the proceeds are used to fund educator development (arts & culture) and art classes for children from previously disadvantaged communities.

This year Santam received over 6500 entries, and we are pleased that the following artworks submitted by DSS have been selected to feature in the Santam Child Art Web Exhibition. Only 220 artworks were selected for this exhibition, that means DSS entered 5% of the selected artworks. These artists will receive a certificate and a medal for participating. The Santam Child Art on-line Exhibition will be uploaded on the Santam website (www.santam.co.za) during the first quarter of 2013.

Learner / Category:
Jan Pienaar: 6 years
Minette Marloth: 6 years
Luke Bosman: 7-8 years
Ria Combrink: 7-8 years
Bongumenzi Nxumalo: 13 years
Philip Meyer: 13 years
Iliya Matveyuk: 14 years
Joseph Grobler: 14 years
Estelle Pretorius: 15+ years
Msizi Mkhize: 15+ years
EunJeoung Lee: 15+ years

IMG 0098

Team Phutuma was invited to participate in the National Competition, which took place at Camp Discovery, Pretoria, from 28 – 30 September 2012. They competed against eleven teams from various provinces.

Their first task was a surprise workshop wherein the teams built a Lego cable car which had to travel the furthest possible distance along a suspended cable. Saturday morning brought two more surprise workshops: model toys created from a heap of recycled rubbish materials and the design, construction and operation of a wooden frame and tin bucket with which to scoop as much water as possible within one hour.

During the afternoon the teams tested their jet propelled vehicles and were interviewed by two of the judges. This was followed by the prize-giving ceremony, which included a history of land speed records and the planned land speed record challenge due to take place in South Africa. The winners' results were obtained from an accumulation of results from: the surprise workshops (45%), the testing of the vehicle (25%), the interview (10%) and the design of the car (20%).

Team Phutuma from Domino Servite won the National Technology Olympiad. They were each awarded a laptop computer and received an invitation to attend the record breaking attempt at the land speed record at Kalk Pan in the Northern Cape in 2014.

In many ways this triumph came as a surprise, since Team Phutuma's vehicle broke during their testing runs at both the regional and national competitions. At nationals, however, they managed to fix their machine within their five minutes allotted time and still make the second best number of runs – thirty, which was only four runs behind the best team. This was a remarkable feat which reminded us that we need to persevere, even under trying circumstances.



Term 3 Award Assembly took place on 28 September. The Grade 12 programme managers, Stephan Stegen and Skhulisile Khuzwayo handled the proceedings very competently. Due to the fact that most sporting codes completed their fixtures by the end of Term 3, there were a large number of learners who were awarded bronze and half colours for athletics, cricket, hockey, netball, soccer and volleyball. In addition a large number of learners were awarded for Expo and Olympiad achievements. Congratulations to you all! The staff also received an unexpected surprise when they were each awarded a certificate of Exceptional Achievement from the DSS Parents and their children.


Teaching business at school level equips learners with basic life skills. DSS learners acquire basic business skills during school sales. The EMS Cake Sale whihc was held on 7 September involves learners in the Intermediate and Senior Phases. They sell their goodies to visitors and other learners thereby gaining experience in handling sales, money and change.


Traditions are traditional and celebrating the arrival of spring is traditional at DSS. We do it in chic style with the latest in hats and ties. This tradition was celebrated on 3 September this year and just in time too, before the spring rains arrived a day or two later. Learners enjoy the day especially because it is also traditional to have a longer break with eats and drinks supplied for free!

Read more: Spring Day

13 Girls Hockey vs Greytown Junior

13 Girls Hockey vs Greytown Junior 13 Girls Hockey vs Greytown Junior
DSS played against Greytown Junior School on 31 May @ home.

Netball Tournament @ WKHS

Netball Tournament @ WKHS
DSS played in the Netball tournament @ Wartburg High on 26 May.

Netball & Soccer vs Nhlokozi

Netball & Soccer vs Nhlokozi
DSS played against Nhlokozi on 21 May @ home.

Interhouse Cross Country

Interhouse Cross Country Interhouse Cross Country
The Interhouse Cross Country event took place on 18 May.

FP and IP Open Evening

FP and IP Open Evening FP and IP Open Evening
On the evening of 17 May the staff welcomed the parents to school.

Regional WESSA Competition

Regional WESSA Competition Regional WESSA Competition
The regional WESSA competition took place in HMB on 15 May.

Netball & Soccer vs Khomba

Netball & Soccer vs Khomba
DSS played against Khomba on 14 May @ Khomba.

Birds and History for the IP Outing

Birds and History for the IP Outing Birds and History for the IP Outing
The annual Intermediate Phase Outing took place on 11 May.

Netball & Soccer vs Phezukomkhono

Netball & Soccer vs Phezukomkhono
DSS played against Phezukomkhono on 9 May @ home.

Junior KZNCSAA Winter Sport

Junior KZNCSAA Winter Sport
The Junior KZNCSSA Winter sport competition took place @ Impact on 4,5 May.

Fresh toy, fresh smiles

Fresh toy, fresh smiles Fresh toy, fresh smiles
A brand new jungle gym brought out plenty of sweet smiles at the pre-primary.

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